Sutton Avian Research Center welcomes Lisa Riggs to the Board of Directors

Riggs Abney Tulsa attorney Lisa Riggs was recently welcomed to the board of the Sutton Avian Research Center. 

Lisa R. Riggs is a shareholder and director, past president and executive committee member in the firm’s Tulsa office. She has been a civil litigator her entire career, which spans more than 30 years. She often represents clients with catastrophic injuries resulting from accidents, including victims of medical mistakes and medical or pharmaceutical products.

The George Miksch Sutton Avian Research Center (Sutton Center) was founded in 1983 with the mission of finding cooperative conservation solutions for birds and the natural world through science and education. The Sutton Center is a private, nonprofit organization located near Bartlesville, Oklahoma.

The Sutton Center is a leader in avian research and conservation though conducting intensive, conservation-oriented, ecological field research on declining grassland birds, developing and applying techniques for the reintroduction and monitoring of Southern Bald Eagles, managing the successful captive breeding of endangered species and performing bird surveys in Oklahoma and across the world

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