OKC Client Success Story

Our HOA case, a case about honoring a man’s wishes, is about honesty, respect, and truth that can prevail, resulting in a trivial $187 dollars that turned into a lawsuit of almost $100,000. With laws and facts on our side, Chad Taylor stood our ground, and fought the good fight. This was our property, hard won with calloused hands that was at stake.

The issue of our case was a lien filed on our property by the HOA board who gave us no notice, no hearing, and turned us over to a harassing collection agency resulting in extra interest and fees on our property.

 And so, we joined hands with our attorney, Chad Taylor, asking for his support and care, and he blessed us with his presence, spending long hours at night preparing, listening to us and our questions, never tiring, always confident that we would prevail. With more than support, he guided us, gave us the courage to proceed, and taught us how justice is behind the scene.

Faced with all the trials and tribulation from 8 board members who united together and spoke their concocted story, we stood strong, side by side, seeking only truth and the will of the people for whom we originally made the covenants. In the best interest of members of the community, Chad fought for future generations. George was blessed with Chad who prepared him, guided him, and stood by him as he took the stand to present to judge and jury the testimony about the facts of what the covenants were intended to be.

We must also add that without the help of Chad’s colleague, attorney Sharon Weaver, working tirelessly in the background getting case law and assisting Chad, as well as assistant Emily Edmondson, who worked many hours preparing the case and who worked the computer graphics at the trial, this case would not have been able to be presented appropriately and won. 

It was with a unanimous vote of the jury, that we won a case of $187 which turned into almost a $100,000 case.

It is our testimony here, that without Chad, this would not have been possible. With heartfelt thanks, we are truly grateful for the best attorney in the nation who won justice for our HOA case. Thanks Chad.

George and Bernice White   
Riggs Abney clients                                                   

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