Environmental & Resource Law

Protecting and restoring people’s lives, communities and the environment is the mission of our Environmental & Resources Law practice. When the water, soil or air is contaminated, a community may experience health issues, reduced quality of life, significant property damages or even broad economic damages. Our environmental attorneys have experience in the areas of compliance and permitting, providing expert consultation and advice under the Clean Water Act, the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act, the Clean Air Act and the Safe Drinking Water Act. Additionally, our attorneys are well versed in CERCLA (superfund) and Natural Resource Damage (NRD). They also assist clients with negotiating environmental contract provisions.


Location: Colorado
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Location: Colorado

We have a demonstrated knowledge of working with scientists and engineers in developing these cases and have litigation experience in the most complex environmental and regulatory fields in federal and state courts. Further complementing this knowledge is our experience in negotiating with state and federal authorities. Environmental & Resources Law attorneys focus on environmental damages related to water pollution (surface water, including lakes, rivers and streams) groundwater contamination, soil contamination, and air pollution. This area of our practice is augmented by our history of dealing in the areas of oil and gas law, personal injury law, mass tort litigation, and class action litigation.

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